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it's going to be okay | Written for the "Body Swap" Challenge.

connie | Team Viking get a little R&R in Honolulu ... or so it seems ....

double digits | A G.I.'s late night thoughts on his DEROS date.

if i die before i wake | Spec4 Ruis has to recover from a near-fatal wound while his buddies worry.

jeeps | Sgt Anderson's intimate evening with Dr. Seymour is interrupted by trouble in Sin City. zeke/jennifer

john wayne and eddie | A little fun R&R lands Lt Goldman and Sgt Anderson in some trouble. zeke/myron

back to business | Myron and Zeke head back to the Crystal Palace. zeke/myron.

love, interrupted | Hot night? Shower! danny/doc

my beautiful vietnam | What it was like for the Vietnamese people the war affected.

perfume | A few stolen moments out in the bush.

p.o.w. | Goldman gets captured and Bravo Squadron have to save him.

promise me | Written for the "kidlet" Challenge.

bring him home | Not without their lieutenant.

through proper channels | Bravo Squadron must deal with an unsavory situation.

i get stuck with 'the friend' | Lieutenants McKay and Goldman have dinner dates with a couple of Red Cross workers. johnny/ofc, myron/ofc

trotter | Alvin Trotter, the FNG you love to hate, manages to save Lt. Goldman and the squad on more than one occasion.

you weren't expecting an american, were you? | Ruiz makes an unexpected friend. ruiz/ofc

seek out his wickedness | You never know what sinister thing will turn up.

goin' down | Check out our Vietnam romance comedy stylings!

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