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a place | Myron enters the delightful teen years.

baker's peace | A response to the "Where Are They Now" Challenge.

a chance to say goodbye | A response to the "Body Swap" Challenge. Takes place after "Under Siege."

charlie's christmas gift | Christmas Day.

chickens | McKay's first day at his new job.

gathering clouds | A response to the "Kidlet" Challenge (Goldman).

a great day | A response to the "Kidlet" Challenge (Griner).

new stetson | A response to the "Kidlet" Challenge (Percell).

painful lesson | Zeke's figuring out his responsibilites.

one sunday morning | Kidfic challenge - baby Johnny. (Story takes place in the late fall of 1950. Johnny is around 6.)

in the mist | Zeke's bothered by nightmares and a new lieutenant.

a moment alone | Above all else, Martin Goldman is a General in the US Army.

off to war | A mother sends her son off to war.

separations | What's up with Myron's odd behaviour?

someone to watch over them | Teenage Zeke must decide what to do with his life.

a time to dance | Goldman and Taylor struggle in the bush without Zeke.

wall of stone | Zeke and his family deal with the past.

welcome home | Johnny McKay finds a new career.

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