[ becca ]

by cpl buttercup

Someone was watching him. That feeling, that certain knowing, that ghostly sensation he couldn’t shake had crept it’s way in to his awareness. The feel of someone’s eyes on his back that kept him alive in the jungle would not leave him alone tonight.

Lieutenant Myron Goldman turned again away from his drink at the bar trying to look nonchalant, trying to keep the tension out of his movements. His dark brown eyes surveyed the small smoke-filled club. He feigned boredom, picked absently at the label on his beer then switched the bottle to his left hand deliberately leaving his right hand free for any action. The weight of the holster on his shoulder did little to alive his anxiety, his awareness of being observed. His gaze swept across the patrons in the restaurant/bar. His eyes shifted back to the door leading towards the kitchen and moved slowly to the main entrance on the right. He took in every detail, the gray curls of smoke rising from too many cigarettes, the quick motions of a bar girl pulling half-empty bottles off a table where the men were too gone to protest, the sway of the dancers clinging to one another on a tiny floor by the jukebox. His eyes drifted past the owner, a short round-faced man of Chinese descent, who was bowing and smiling while talking animatedly to a young Caucasian girl. The table was off to the lieutenant’s far right in the corner closest to the jukebox. As the bar’s owner concluded his conversation the observer saw that the white girl was not alone. A Vietnamese woman in her mid-thirties sat across from the brunette. He studied the native woman. She was exceedingly well dressed. Her clothes were the latest Western fashions. Her hair photo-ready and her make-up perfect to the point of artificiality. She seemed out of place in this GI-dive bar.

Well, maybe it’s not a dive, Myron thought and looking around realized besides himself there were only two other men in uniform. Semi-uniform, anyways… The other two American soldiers wore a mix of familiar army-greens and civilian clothes. They were definitely off duty – perhaps for good.

Maybe it’s not a GI bar at all. Was kind of off the known circuit.

His focus fell back on the Vietnamese woman as she was now standing and reaching out to shake the brunette Caucasian’s hand. He could see their lips were moving and words exchanged but the sound of the jukebox and the voices around him covered their speech.

The native woman moved towards the door and waved a quick goodbye.

Goldman saw her then, the watcher. He was sure it was she. The girl was sitting at the table next to the brunette. The Vietnamese woman had hidden her from his view but he was sure she could have been watching him in the glass above the bar or by leaning forward slightly when he was turned. She was slender and pale. Her blonde hair was pulled back to a simple braid. She wore nothing remarkable, no make-up, no jewelry, no loud colors, nothing to jump out and grab the eye, but in that instant she captured his attention. Her cheeks were smoothly rounded, eyes a calm blue and her lips formed a half-smile of suppressed mirth. In an instant he knew it was this girl who had been watching him. It was not her physical attributes that gave her away or the hidden amusement in her eyes as she avoided looking in his direction. It was specifically that she didn’t look at him.

The lieutenant watched her for a few moments. She looked across at her brunette companion and nodded in absent consent to what appeared to be a one-sided conversation. She watched the card flip down in the jukebox to announce the next song. When her companion pushed several books over for the blonde’s apparent inspection she flipped through them, selecting one and setting it on top. Then her gaze followed the owner on his way to the kitchen and back again. She seemed aware that her shield had left. Now that the Vietnamese woman had left Myron had a clear view of her and was making the most of it. Did she feel as invaded under his gaze as he had felt? Did she feel his eyes touching her? Myron smiled to himself at the thought. He was relieved his watcher was no jungle ghost viet cong sneaking up on him. He’d rather have a pretty girl watch him anyday… and she is pretty. She was also quite aware that she was exposed to his inspection. The girl continued to avoid looking in his direction. She answered her companion with a thoughtful nod and her eyes fell to investigating the tiny drops of water condensing on her glass. She had looked everywhere, everywhere but towards the bar where the lieutenant stood.

The jukebox melody ended and a softer tune came on. The brunette girl stuffed the books in to a bag at her feet and stood up. "Aren’t you coming up?"she asked. Her words drifted back to Myron. The blonde shook her head, "No, I think I’ll stay a while. Su Li and Mr. Hong may need some help with the dinner crowd.” "Serving rice to drunks—sounds like a fun evening. Too bad you’ll have to count me out of this one.” "Sometimes it is fun. Besides it lets me practice my Vietnamese and I can help Su Li with her English as we clean up.” "Oh yeah,"the brunette laughed as she hoisted the bag on to her shoulder, "You wash. I wash. He washes. She washes…" She gave her friend a quick half-hug and said, "Ok then, I’ll see you after my last class.” The blonde smiled and nodded, "See ya.”

She sat alone. Now was his chance. Her drink was almost empty. He grabbed his beer off the bar and headed to her table. He stopped in front of her, the table between them, and realized he didn’t have an opening line. He hesitated trying to think of something that wouldn’t sound like a line.

Looking up at him she smiled, "Yes."

"What?"he was confused.

"Yes, I was watching you and yes you are welcome to sit down if that’s why you came over here.”

He pulled out the chair the Vietnamese woman had previously been sitting in and slowly lowered himself in to it. He rubbed his thumb up and down the cold side of his drink in nervous movement. He remembered her drink. He glanced around looking for the barkeeper.

"Can I bum one of those?”

"What?"he turned back to the girl.

"I see you have cigarettes in your pocket. Could I have one, please?" "Yeah, sure." He pulled his pack out and flipped the top open. The pack was empty.

"Looks like you’re out, Lieutenant…?"she looked at him now, full faced, her eyes bright and curious.

"Goldman,"he answered tossing the empty pack on the table, "Myron Goldman.”

"Well, Lt. Myron Goldman what do you say we go find another pack of smokes. Actually, I’ve got a pack upstairs.”

"Upstairs?"he questioned.

"Yeah, Sandy and I, Sandy’s that American girl that was here, we rent a room upstairs. Mr. Hong gives us a discount on the room for teaching his daughter English and our presence kind of adds prestige to his restaurant. It’s ok if you come up to our place as long as we use the back stairs. Hong doesn’t like uniforms. He’s tighter than my old man.”

She tossed a quick look in the bar-owner’s direction and seeing him occupied with other guests grabbed Goldman’s arm and hurried him back to the corner by the jukebox through a door there and outside. They existed the restaurant in to a narrow alley. "This way."She said and led him up a flight of stairs forming part of the back of the building. The stairs ended on the roof of the third floor. They crossed the roof. A clothesline and small raised garden filled most of the space. The girl opened a door that lead down a few steps and back in to the building. Myron followed her down the steps to a short hall. Four doors led off of the hall. At the far end more steps descended to the second floor. The girl knocked lightly on the closest door.


No response.

She pushed the door open. "Home, sweet, home.”

Myron paused at the entrance. A small bit of yellow paper taped to the door bore the names Sandy L. and Rebecca B. written in copiously neat block letters.

The room itself was less than neat. A single large bed mat filled the center of the room. The sheets had been pulled up earlier that day but appeared to have walked on since. The mat took up most of the floor space. On either side propped against the far wall were suitcases. They may have been used as dressers at one time but currently both were closed and the contents were piled on top, every garment folded in to a neat small square. "Looks like the laundry lady’s been by,"the girl said and she moved a stack of clothes off of one of the suitcases and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of an inside pocket.

"There are some thing’s I love about the Nam. Laundry service is one of them. No more trips to the mat. The laundry woman comes right to our door and brings everything back nice and crisply starched and ironed."

Catching sight of a pair of bikini panties she laughed and held them up.

"She even irons these. Can you believe that?"

"Wrinkles can chaff."Myron teased. "Nothing worse than chafing when you’re out in the boonies, eh Rebecca?”

"I wouldn’t know,"she tossed the panties at him, "but these have enough starch to cripple a horse. And you can call me Becca.

Everyone does."

She knelt on the bed mat and pealed the plastic off the cigarette box. Goldman brushed her underwear off his shoulder from where they had landed. How long has it been since I’ve seen girls panties? He questioned himself. How long has it been since I’ve even touched panties let alone had time or energy to think of them? He stood looking at the bright splash of colored cloth on the floor.

A long long time… Oh god, Nicki used to wear that red cotton combo when she knew I was coming over. I loved running my hands under that cotton. And her light blue cotton nighty with the little girl panties… damn…

He could feel himself reacting to his thoughts, feel a gentle ache pulling at his groin. He remembered suddenly he was not alone. He looked up to see Rebecca smiling at him a cigarette dangling in her out-stretched hand.

"That’s quite a.. uh…smirk you have going there.”

Myron reached for the cigarette. She pulled it back.

"A cigarette for your thoughts, sir?"and she purposely let her gaze drop for an instant to the point just below his belt before finding his face again.

The lop-sided smirk slipped on to his lips again. He looked off to the room’s lone window and nodded. He’d been caught. He smiled. The corners of his eyes forming small creases hinting that he’d seen more action and sun than a man of his age should. He plopped down on to the bed mat and looked over at Rebecca. She sank down to sit next to him and slid the cigarette between his lips. He flicked his lighter.

"I was thinking about women’s underwear."

The cigarette bobbed as he spoke, "Don’t get to see many of those in the Army, especially the army over here.”


"Umm"he lit the cigarette and drew in a slow breath.

"My underwear?”

”Yeah,"he lifted the cigarette up.

Rebecca leaned forwarded and took a drag without removing the fag from his fingers.

"The pair over there on the floor or,"she paused to exhale blue smoke before leaning over to whisper in his ear,"or the pair I have on."

She kicked her feet out from under her and stretched out next his lean form. She placed her hand on his hip. She looked at him expectantly.

"Becca,"he murmured cupping the back of her head in his hand and pulling her closer. He pressed his forehead to hers, fingers stroking her hair. He inhaled in her scent, and dropped his lips to her throat. She sighed a soft encouragement then pulled away.

Rebecca took the cigarette from his hand and turned to smash it out on the lip of her empty suitcase. She stuffed the butt back in the pack and tossed the box in her suitcase. Myron shook his head. She shrugged, "No military style room-checks here. I can be as messy or clean as I want. In fact, I can do anything I want in my quarters.”

"Anything?"Myron raised his eyebrows.

"Anything…"Rebecca smiled wickedly and kicked the door shut with her foot. She rolled her body over his forcing him on to his back. She covered his mouth with her own and pressed her hips firmly against his. Myron was startled yet something howled in his brain begging it to happen. He felt the blood rushing to his center. A thousand trickles of pleasure ran from his limbs and met in his groin. He responded to her downward thrust with a lift of his hips. He slid his hands over her back and caught hold of her ass, kneading and grasping, pulling her more tightly against his swelling cock. His left hand slid up to cuddle the back of her neck as he opened his mouth to her probing tongue. Myron’s hands trembled as they traveled down her sides and pushed under her shirt. A little knot of surprise and pleasure curled around his stomach as he discovered she wore no bra. Her skin was hot and soft and she made a purring-whimpering sort of noise as his fingers reached around to brush her nipples. She moved her hands to the sides of his face holding him there, kissing, moaning softly against his mouth. He slid his hands back down her body grabbing on to her ass, pulling her close until it hurt. Her mouth was wet and open and over his. He pushed his tongue in to her hungry lips. She tasted of rum, of something foreign and sweet. He wasn’t sure what. He couldn’t place the flavor. He could barely form thoughts.

Oh god, I want this. please, please, please! his mind begged hardly believing it was happening, afraid she would stop or simply disappear if he woke up. He craned up to her, kissing her with force over and over. Myron took her by the hips and pushed her up, away from him. He slid his hand between them and pulled vainly at the buttons on her pants. She slid off him, gazed in to his fevered chocolate eyes and kissed him lightly, yet slowly on each cheek and again on the lips.

"Shhh,"she hushed.

Becca lay on her side facing Myron. She slid her hand from his neck down his side, over his hip, as far down his leg as she could reach and back up his body to pause over groin. A knowing smile spread across his lips. She pushed her hand between his legs watching his face as she gently massaged him through the thick cloth. Seeing encouragement she tugged his belt off. Her hand returned to his groin, pushed in to his pants and gently massaged his balls. He closed his eyes and moaned as she drug her hand over the length of his swollen member again and again.

As her fingers pulled wave after wave of pleasure into his cock she covered his face with kisses. When he thought he couldn’t stand another stroke she withdrew her hand. He opened his eyes. She was watching him. He reached for her. She pushed his hands away and ran a finger slowly down his cheek.

"Why rush a good thing?”

She bent over him slowly drawing his lower lip in to her mouth, biting and sucking softly. He laid motionless across the bed; feeling spent although they had just begun; feeling like he couldn’t move if he wanted to; feeling like the ceiling was spinning instead of only the fan.

Becca propped up on her elbow looked down in to his warm eyes and smiled. She held up his hand to her lips and kissed each finger in turn and then slowly she began to take off his clothes piece by delicious piece. She undid each button on his shirt and kissed the newly exposed flesh. He sighed at the gentle tickle of moist warmth on his hot skin, sighs almost turning to whimpers as she approached his swollen member.

"Umm,"she purred against his skin.

When he lay there completely exposed, his lean body naked, divested of all garments she slowly took off her own clothes, stopping to kiss him between layers.

She moved to kneel over his legs. She gently pushed them apart and spread soft kisses along his inner thighs while her fingers explored every inch of his body, the ripples over his ribs, the strength of his legs, the dip in the side of his lean buttock. Her kisses worked up towards the meeting point of his legs. They grew wetter and deeper until he felt sure she was almost licking him. He wanted to take hold of her and fuck. He knew at the same time this was a game. She wanted him to wait, to suffer, to want, want, want… She teased the flesh of his lower stomach with her tongue, kissed either side of where his cock lay - carefully avoiding giving him what he wanted most.

Rebecca paused to look up at Myron. He had his head back and to one side. His eyes were closed, his mouth half open, his breath ragged and catching with each touch of her fingers over his inner thigh. She drew a light circle around his belly button and slowly ever so slowly continued the line down to the tip of his penis. Her eyes rested on his face as she watched his reaction. He lifted his hips to her touch and spread his legs further. He reached out, tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her towards him.

Rebecca couldn’t resist the invitation. She slid half way over him. Her breast rubbing against his chest and let him kiss her. His lips enveloped hers. The ache "downstairs"grew. She wanted to throw her leg over him, feel his throbbing hardness push up into her, roll her hips over his in animal heat, and fuck him ‘til he made her cum.

She pulled away from him and took two giant breaths. She was losing control. Her cunt begged for him. Her heart pounded, "now, now, now."

"Becca,"he murmured and tried to pull her back to him. She leaned in and kissed his cheeks, his throat, a path to his nipple. She glanced back at him. Myron was watching her make love to his skin. His deep eyes were shadowed with desire. She dropped her lips back to his nipple and then continued her trail of kisses towards the south. He massaged the back of her head as she made her way down his stomach.

"Becca, Becca, Becca,"he sighed softly. He gasped with a sharp inhale of breath as the tip of her tongue first tasted his penis. "Becca! Oh! Oh God!"Myron cried out softly as she caught his cock in her mouth and sucked the length of him. His hands tightened in her hair and he fell back on the mat in surrender to the pleasure.

Becca licked the tip of his cock. She drew circles and spirals with her tongue. She slipped the head into her mouth and sucked lightly. The muscles of his lower body trembled and spasmed in response. His breath came in short rough gasps. She pulled more of him in to her mouth, teasing the soft flesh with her tongue. He was so hard. Becca was loving it. She raised and dipped her head over his groin as his hands guided her motion.

The lieutenant fought to control the upward thrusts of his hips. His skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat.

Becca listened to Myron’s rhythmic gasps for air. His breath came and went is short shallow moans. A lightly salted flavor leaked in to Becca’s mouth. She knew he was almost there. Becca slid his cock out of her mouth and slowly licked the precum from the head. Myron’s breathing grew more regular. He groaned loudly as she drew him into her mouth for one last suck. She had him hot and hard and ready and she was looking forward to what would come next. She felt her lips slick with precum. She was ready, too, but she was enjoying the "almost-there-game.”

She rolled over on to her stomach next to Myron. She pushed a pillow under her head and lay down. She smiled over at the recovering lieutenant, his stiff cock still standing at attention over his abdomen.

"Wow, I’m spent."She sighed, "Now what?”

Becca waited for a reaction. The man propped himself up on his elbow. Becca stole his pillow. She then pushed the pillow down under her until her hips were resting firmly on it. The pillow pushed her ass up in the air. Her legs lay slightly parted exposing, yet hiding, her secret light curls. She wiggled against the pillow, tantalizingly, like a pussycat in heat.

There was no way Myron could miss the invitation. He rolled over closer to her and pushed her hair to one side. He nibbled his way across her neck and shoulders. Kissed her along her backbone and buried himself between her legs. His tongue teased the sensitive skin, he pushed into her lower lips and flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit.

She lifted up to meet him. It was so hard not to squirm.

"Myron, I want you,"she whispered, forgetting her game.

With a few last playful flicks of his tongue the man stopped.

"What’s the magic word?"he asked.

"Just fuck me!"Becca growled.

Now it was Myron’s turn to have a little fun. He slipped his finger into her and tickled her clit. She groaned. He began fucking her with his hand.

"I want,"Becca gasped "your,"another gasp, ”cock.”

"Magic word…"Myron was enjoying having the upper hand.

She tried to wiggle away from the cause of all her pleasure. She couldn’t think. It felt so good. He grabbed her ass and held her in place with his free arm. She was no match for her strength. She twisted against him feeling her excitement grow.

"Please! It’s please! Please, just fuck me, sir. Please," She begged. Myron moved on top of her, his stomach to her back.

She cried out as he pushed all the way in to her on the first stroke. "Myron, oh, god!”

He pulled out and thrust again. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against him. Her cunt was so warm, so ready, so wet. He shuddered with excitement and thrust in to her again. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me"Becca begged beneath him, matching her cries to his strokes.

His balls slapped against her ass-cheeks as he pounded into her. He thrust again and again. Lightening rushed from his cock in waves of lust and pleasure throughout him. His body grew slick with effort as he pushed into her.

Becca sucked in a great breath and cried out. He could feel her vagina spasm as she came. "Oh god, Oh Myron, fuck, fuck, fuck."She begged. He pushed in again and again. He grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to him as hard and close as she could be. Holding her to him he shuddered. Every nerve in his body was burning. The heat surged to his groin and spurted out into her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer as his climax subsided. He lay over her a moment.

Trembling he sat back, moved to pull out of her, but she reached back and caught his hips drawing him to her again.

"Stay,"she whispered and rolled on to her side slowly. Myron followed carefully so as not to pull out of her. He cuddled down behind her with his cock still nestled in her warmth.

He pulled the pillow out from under them and tucked it under their heads. He wrapped his arm across her and cupped her breast in his hand.

"Umm ... Thanks, Myron." Becca sighed contentedly.

Myron kissed the back of her neck, lay back and closed his eyes.

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