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alone | Written for the Notes From the Underground Anniversary Challenge - Myron has been a year in Vietnam. And Anderson has gone home to the States.

disillusioned | Missing scene from Under Siege.

illusions in green | A grieving Goldman becomes trapped in a series of frightening nightmares.

the discovery | Firebase Ladybird - Christmas 1967.

remember | Camp Barnett - Christmas 1968 (and a missing scene from the episode: Green Christmas)

pieces | It's Christmas Day in Vietnam, 1968. The return to Camp Barnett after spending Christmas Eve at the orphanage.

storm fronts | Captain Wallace's reflections in the aftermath of the episode The Good, the Bad, and the Dead.

storm warning | Myron tries to sort out his thoughts in the wake of events.

storm breaking | Zeke has to come to terms with himself and Myron.

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